Mozart Dinner Concert

Mozart Concerts
Distance: 4 km

Experience an evening as it could have been in 1790 ... with the baroque hall bathed in candlelight, a menu based on historical recipes, opera singers and instrumentalists in the clothes of the Mozart era and - above all - the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart , The menu is served in the concert breaks: the music should not be disturbed.

  • St. Peter black bread after handed down recipe of the pin bakers with fine butter
  • Clear Lemoni-Supperl with Rosemary-Pot-Knöderl
  • Stuffed breast of roasted capon on red wine herb ice cream with potato gratin and vegetables from Father Priors garden
  • Semi-frozen forest honey parfait with two kinds of fruit sauces

Mozart Dinner Concert
Barocksaal im Stiftskulinarium St. Peter
St. Peter Bezirk I/IV, 5020 Salzburg

T.: +43 662 828 695
comments and reviews
  • Thomas Wimmer writes on 17.06.2013
    Wenn man ein Konzert besuchen will, abendessen, aber nicht spaet heimkommen, ist dieses Konzert eine gute Gelegenheit. Zwischen den einzelnen Gaengen gibts Mozart, sehr nahe am Publikum u daher besonders stimmungsvoll. Empfehlenswert