Silent Night Chapel

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Each year, guests from around the world visit this modest and deliberately simple chapel. In fact, it is precisely this modesty that makes the chapel so precious. After a construction period of twelve years, the chapel was consecrated in 1937.

Financed by donations, the chapel is built on the site where the St. Nicholas church once stood. The two stained glass windows depict the hymn’s creators, Joseph Mohr and Franz Xavier Gruber. The altarpiece contains a wooden relief by Hermmann Hutter and dates from the year 1915.

The chapel is open to the public all year, daily from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm.

Silent night chapel
Stille-Nacht-Platz 2
5110 Oberndorf bei Salzburg
Tourismusverband Oberndorf
T: +43 6272 4422
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