A new football stadium was built in Wals-Siezenheim just 1.5 kilometers away from the magnificent Klessheim Palace in 2001 and officially opened in March 2003. During the course of conversion and rehabilitation in the summer of 2005, the stadium originally accommodating 18,332 seats was enlarged to 30,400 seats for the 2008 European Football Championships. Offering this capacity, the stadium is not only home to the Red Bulls but also serves as a multipurpose event venue on the edge of the city of Salzburg.

Description of the stadium

Salzburg"s stadium in Wals-Siezenheim is the stadium that draws the most Austrian Football League spectators. It served as the venue for three group matches during the 2008 European Football Championships.

The stadium in Salzburg has 2,000 parking spaces - more than any other stadium in Austria - and its own highway exit, bus connection and an urban railway stop. The stadium has a variety of public recreation facilities including a jogging trail, recreation areas, kiosks and restaurants. The stadium is rented by Red Bull Salzburg.

Stadium architecture

The stadium - the Red Bull Arena - was designed in the spirit of innovation and improvement. Located in close proximity to Klessheim Palace, its new design is both sensitive and sensible. With a maximum outer dimension of approx. 185 x 160 m, the stadium in Salzburg initially appears to be a slanted wall with a hovering roof. The distribution level on the upper deck is new and accessible from all sides. Although the existing characteristics of the building were incorporated, the design of the addition (upper deck) is striking and dynamic in contrast to the wooden outer façade.

The raised roof is a technical innovation: the entire existing roof with an area of 17,000 m² and a weight exceeding 1,900 tons was raised 10.5 meters in a single lifting operation without having to close the facility. Games are played on artificial lawn in Salzburg.