Once you have visited Salzburg, that romantic city on the Salzach, you will never forget it and will make every effort to return here again and again.

Salzburg is the city of Mozart, of the Salzburg Festival and of the Sound of Music. It is as if a sort of musical heaven shines down on this beautiful cityscape. Certainly, centuries of rule by Salzburg’s prince-archbishops have created this jewel of a city.

It is not surprising that Alexander von Humboldt proclaimed Salzburg as one of the most beautiful places on earth. Tucked in between three mountains, the historical city center has remained virtually untouched by war or conflict.  As early as the 18th century, the romantic and diverse natural beauty of this region enticed artists and travelers.

Nowadays Salzburg has become the venue for world-class art and culture. During the annual Salzburg Festival, the cultural atmosphere combines both the classical and the modern. Of course, our local genius, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, remains ever present. Additionally, great works of world literature are staged here, including a few written in Salzburg by Hugo von Hofmannsthal and Stefan Zweig. And of course, we must not fail to mention how guests from around the world visit the venues where the musical The Sound of Music was filmed.

Already during the era of the ruling prince-archbishops with their festive banquets, this little city at the gates of the Alps became a focal point of good taste. Back then it was the colonial traders and spice dealers who introduced new flavors to the area, whereas today it is the excellent restaurateurs who tempt our guests with delicacies from a variety of cuisines. Certainly the local culinary landscape consists of more than just the tasty Mozartkugeln candies or the famous Salzburg soufflé. In fact, Salzburg can boast at having one of the highest concentrations of premier chefs in the world and for being a prime location to experience the great diversity of Austrian beers!

The natural beauty of the nearby Salzkammergut Lake District draws millions of visitors each year. Likewise, the neighboring mountainous region with its rugged and distinct peaks, as well as the countless natural jewels further add to the magnificent appeal of this area.

We hope these pages have given you a little taste of the wonderful atmosphere in Salzburg and the surrounding region!

Perhaps we’ll see you here soon?...

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