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In the former District Court of St. Gilgen, Ischlerstraße 15, Mozart"s mother Anna Maria Walburga Pertl was born on December 25, 1720.

Her father, Wolfgang Nikolaus Pertl (1667-1724), studied at the High School of St. Peter in Salzburg, acted also as a singer. Pertl, who made a successful career as a lawyer, was in 1716 Pfleger of St. Gilgen and built in the years 1719/20 the former District Court.

Mozart"s mother was baptized in the parish church of St. Aegidius and lived in St. Gilgen until 1724. In November 1747, she married a native of Augsburg, the violinist Leopold Mozart. She gave her husband seven children, of which only two, namely Maria Anna Walburga Ignatia (born on 30 / July 31, 1751), nicknamed "Nannerl" and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (born on January 27, 1756.), survived. Mozart"s mother died on July 3, 1778 in Paris.

On August 23, 1784 Nannerl married a successor of her grandfather, the baron Johann Baptist Berchtold zu Sonnenburg (1736-1801). As Berchtold died in St. Gilgen on 26 February 1801 Nannerl left the place and moved to the city of Salzburg.

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