The region around Wals, known for its especially tasty produce, is the most important agricultural area for vegetables in the state of Salzburg. The land beneath the Untersberg mountain is especially suited for growing vegetables because the soil is generally light and porous. Gentle southerly breezes, sufficient sunlight and adequate rainfall in this area are also important elements for growth.

Careful attention and the practice of crop rotation ensures that our locally-grown vegetables are of the highest quality and rich in nutrients. Picked harvest fresh and ripe, our vegetables have the highest concentration of life-sustaining nutrients which help keep body and soul fit. Guests to Wals-Siezenheim should be certain to try our locally-grown vegetables while in season, since transporting vegetables long distances and then warehousing them reduces important nutrients.

“Personal” Quality

Agricultural practices in Wals ensure that small, family farming continues to be viable. Generations of experience in vegetable farming, employing natural growing methods which are in harmony with nature and minimal transportation time guarantee freshness and high quality. In fact, direct marketing has a long tradition in Wals, and Wals farmers have provided food to the city of Salzburg for centuries. Since Austria’s entrance into the EU, Wals has also shipped its quality produce to neighboring Bavaria. In addition to sales directly on the farms and at local farmer’s markets throughout the Salzburg region, our produce is delivered directly to local restaurants, hospitals, schools and retirement homes. Since early 2002, Wals farmers have supplied high-quality potatoes to Salzburg’s distribution centers. In fact, we have our own trademark “Walser Quality Potatoes”. These first-class quality potatoes carry our trademark and are sold in 5-kg bags.