Nature Adventures
Distance: 34 km

The ravine Seisenbergklamm has been fascinating visitors with its unique natural beauty since 1831.

Because of the unbelievable depth of the ravine, in some spots the sky appers as a beautiful thin line.
For centuries roaring waterfalls and torrential waters have cut their paths deeper and deeper into the ravine.
A multitude of impressions bestow this miraculous creation of nature a special
touch of adventure and romantic atmosphere.
This unique alpine ravine is easily accessible by car and is located in the centre of Salzburg province Seisenbergklamm and the nearby restaurant
"Klammstüberl" is open daily from the beginning of May until the end of October.
The length of the visit is approximately one hour.
Mai bis Okt.: tägl. 8:30-18:30 Uhr
1 h
unlimited free admission
Naturdenkmal Seisenbergklamm
Oberweißbach 16 
5093 Weißbach b. Lofer
T.: +43 6582 82 42-4
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